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Little Wedgie Featured In Product Spotlight Video With Shnobel Tone!

Our friends at Shnobel Tone have a new product spotlight video out featuring the Thunderbolt Audio Little Wedgie!

Check out the video on YouTube at the link below:

Shnobel Tone builds and sells guitar pedals, which you can order from their website,

They also do some really cool modifications to select pedals from other brands, and allow you to send yours in to them, and they'll ship them back to you with new functionality.

We were booth-neighbors with Roman Belonozhko and Shnobel Tone at The NAMM Show 2022, and we got to hear and demo some of their pedals, and they are seriously awesome!

One of their newest guitar pedals, The Frank Simes Overdrive, is a collaboration between Shnobel Tone and guitarist, songwriter, composer and record producer Frank Simes. We got to hear Frank demoing the new pedal at NAMM, and it sounds incredible. Check out the video with Frank unveiling and demoing the first release of this cool new pedal:



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